4 Yoga Poses for Insomnia and a Restful Sleep

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4 Yoga Poses for Insomnia

Many of us have trouble sleeping at one point or another. Whether its loud thoughts from stress, anxiety, being sore after a workout, or maybe even eating too much chocolate! Sleep sometimes just alludes us, but don’t worry, if you want to know how to fall asleep we have an answer!

A great way to help get to sleep is our Yoga Flow for Insomnia.
Taken from our evening restorative Yoga sessions on our Bali Yoga Goddess Retreats, this short series helps you ease into rest and focus your thoughts. The semi-supine asanas (poses) and controlled breathing lead to the slowing down on your body and the total relaxation needed for sleep. Making it the perfect wind down and way to help deal with insomnia.

This Yoga Flow for Sleep should be the last thing you do before bed.
Bring your Yoga mat to your bedroom and set the scene for sleep. Turn the lights low, make sure you have brushed your teeth and don’t have to get up for any reason after you have finished. If you usually listen to music before sleep, put some on.
Lay down on your mat, and bring your awareness to your body and to your breathing.

1. Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Butterfly Pose)

1. Supta Baddha Yoga for Insomnia Konasana (Reclining Butterfly Pose)

Supta Baddha Konasana is a hip opener and a heart opener, calms the nervous system, the hormonal system, and aids digestion. For extra support, use a bolster or a pillow at the base of the spine, while the soles of the feet are together, with the arches of the feet activated. Slowly roll back on the spine until you are lying down fully, with the heart open, and practice deep belly breathing. Stay here for 10 breaths in and out.

2. Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby Pose)

2. Ananda Balasana Yoga for insomnia (Happy Baby Pose)

Roll back on the spine, and lift the knees to the chest. Take the hands to the pinky-toe side edges of the feet on the outside. You may roll gently from side to side, massaging the lower back while pulling the feet towards the chest, creating an opening in the hip joints.

3.Viparita Karani (Legs on a Wall Pose)

3.Viparita Karani yoga for insomnia (Legs on a Wall Pose)

This pose can be practiced against a wall or without one, and can be practiced with a block (or another weighted object, like a book!) or without one as well. If you are against a wall, simply bring your hips to the wall, with your spine on the floor and your legs out to the side, then engage the core and lift the legs up. If you are not using a wall, you may like to place a block or another weighted object on your feet to maintain the angle of your legs. While in this angle, hold the pose for a minimum of 5 whole minutes. Allow yourself to relax into the posture.

4. Savasana & Brahmari (Corpse Pose & Humming Bee Breath)

4. Savasana & Brahmari yoga for insomnia (Corpse Pose & Humming Bee Breath)

Brahmari Pranayama is sometimes also called “humming-bee,” due to the sound made on the exhale. While lying down in savasana, allow the entire body to relax, and bring your awareness to the breath. Let the inhale be natural, through the nostrils, and on the exhale, close the mouth and “hum” the air out, letting out sound. Continue with this practice for a minimum of 5 minutes.

To end your practice slowly roll to one side and very slowly get up and into your bed. Don’t check your phone, look for the time or allow any harsh lights to enter your vision. Have some water if you need to, but otherwise curl up and continue your breathing practice until your fall into a deep sleep.

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