Goddess Retreats has been designed by a woman to be enjoyed by women in Bali – a women’s wellness retreat specialising in Surf, Yoga, Fitness and Spiritual Healing.

Our 7 Day retreat programs are set in tropical paradise with all the special touches you would expect to find on a Bali wellness retreat. All retreat packages offer a complete wellness program, which include blissful therapies, yoga classes, delicious healthy meals and activities that support the mind, body and soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

Goddess Retreats is at its essence a classical style ‘retreat’ – this means a guided, intention-driven, multi-day program with a set schedule, and is hosted by one or more facilitators and run as a group program The program includes activities, learning new cultures, skills and lifestyle workshops with wellness, cultural or spiritual themes and healthy eating, as well as fitness activities such as nature walks, surfing and cycling. A wellness resort, also known as wellness clinic, or health resort, is a different type of wellness experience and it refers to any accomodation that is set up to run more like a hotel where individuals can arrive and depart on their own date and make their own selections from a menu of hospitality services where the primary purpose is to provide programs and experiences for the wellness traveler. The wellness resort is composed of four primary elements: accommodations, a variety of wellness activities, healthy dining options, and wellness-related facilities such a spa therapies. On Goddess Retreat we have loving curated our retreat programs over 20 years of leading groups to provide a wonderful balance of wellness, fun and transformation. We highly value the deep bonds our guests form with us (the facilitators), our team and the other guests experience while participating in our group retreat program.

All Goddess Retreat packages include 7 Day / 6-Night group retreat for women, which you can choose a package that suits your own focus such as surf, fitness, yoga, wellbeing. Our retreat packages include accomodation, meals, wellness therapies, workshops, yoga sessions, cultural activities and much more, depending on your chosen retreat. If you are not sure which retreat will suit your personal goals, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you make sure you are picking the best Goddess Retreat program for your needs.

You will book flights to fly into Denpasar Airport (DPS). You can arrive on the day the retreat starts and we will provide complimentary airport transfers on the first and last dates of the retreat. Also, you can choose to arrive before the retreat starts, and we are happy to provide you with pre-retreat hotel booking support, so you can get picked up from the airport when you arrive (for an additional fee), and then we can provide a complimentary pick you up from any hotel that lies within our pick up zone on the first day of the retreat. We can make your trip to Bali and Goddess Retreats a seamless experience where all you have to do is show up and enjoy! Please note that with any accommodation arranged pre and post retreat is not included in the retreat rate.

Absolutely! Most of the women on our Goddess Retreats are solo female travelers, so we are the perfect choice if you want to travel by yourself without being alone! Around 80% of our guests are solo travellers. Most of our guests make new friends, staying in touch long after their retreat finishes. Goddess Retreats is an ideal place to stay as a solo woman traveller.

Yes, of course! Many of our guests are solo travelers. If you wish to pick a shared room package, we will match you up with a room mate.

We hold the Seminyak retreats a large four private villa property located 1km walk to Petitengit beach and temple. An oasis surrounded by the beach town vibe, its perfect if you want to be able to to walk to shopping and cafes. Our Ubud Retreats are located at a private villa property just outside the village of Ubud that is inland in Bali, with a rural rice paddy and lush jungle vibe at our private property which includes a temple and premaculture farm, that is surrounded by nature and rice paddies. It is not within walking distance to shopping and cafes and is perfect for those looking for a more introspective retreat week.

No, sorry, this is not possible. We start and finish our retreats on set dates because all our programs are organized to be enjoyed as a group. Our guests highlight on our retreats is the amazing group dynamic we create by holding this space. We do offer options to personalize your retreat with menu choices and a selection of activity choices which are run on specific days and times and pre-arranged prior to arrival. Our 7 day retreats follow a set group schedule for each retreat package. All activities on the retreat are optional to attend.

Typically, our Bali retreat guests are women around 29 – 55+ and come from all around the world. We also have older and younger women on every retreat…. and all have loved their time here. Our guests come from all walks of life; different age groups, nationalities, sizes, backgrounds, and goals, and we do all we can to foster an inclusive environment, so that everyone is welcome and feels like part of the Goddess family. What unites guests at Goddess Retreats is not so much age or nationality; but rather, a fun-loving attitude and spirit for adventure, and all the wisdom they share with each other. We respect all our guests’ varied religions and orientations. While we are a women’s retreat (with only female guests) we do have drivers, gardeners, security, and surf instructors. Our spa team are all female and our main retreat hosts are also female, yet it is not 100% a women-only environment. This may need to be taken into consideration for some of our guests depending on their religion.

To attend our retreats, you must have travel insurance. With most agencies, insurance must be purchased within 7 days of making your reservation. Please make sure that your insurance policy covers all of the sporting activities you plan to do on your Bali retreat package. This is the most important need for insurance because requiring any medical assistance overseas is costly. Also , depending on the policy and conditions, travel cancellation insurance will pay for some, or all, of the cancellation fees, should the need arise.

Yes, guests must be 18 years or older to attend Goddess Retreats, unless otherwise agreed to by management. Special exceptions for younger teenage guests may be allowed if you are traveling as part of a family or group booking, such as mum, daughter, auntie & niece.

Make sure you pack clothing that is loose and comfortable – comfort is key! The weather is warm all year round, so you won’t need to pack any warm clothes. A pre-trip packing list will be provided to you when you book. Key items to bring for your retreat in Bali are several swimsuits, flip flops/sandals, running shoes, a hat, sunglasses, a dress or two for a night out, yoga/gym wear, light pajamas, and personal toiletries, device chargers. We provide bath and beach towels and all yoga, surf and sporting equipment.

Bali is a tropical island, so the weather here is warm and balmy all year long. The typical architecture of Bali is designed to be open air to the outdoors, with lush gardens and rural areas. This means that you will experience Bali’s friendly animals, including frogs, fish, geckos, lizards, squirrels, birds, and maybe even a monkey or two if you visit the forest. Bali and Goddess Retreats are ideal for nature lovers! If you prefer a more urban style setting that is sealed off from nature, so there is no exposure to any animals, Bali island and our retreats may not be the right fit for you.

We have 2 distinct seasons here in Bali where the temperature for both is around 90° F or 30° C. ‘Dry’ season, April – November, is beautifully sunny and warm during the day and balmy at night (no less than 25°C). ‘Green’ season, November – March, welcomes hot sunny days with a daily late afternoon shower, which keeps Bali beautiful and blooming with greenery! Afternoon and evening showers are a part of the tropics, in fact, they can be a blessing in disguise as they cool things down and provide great time to indulge in some pampering or shopping!

Both solo and group travellers can feel comfortable travelling to Bali. There is no serious criminal activity and just regular safety awareness will ensure you have a great stay. There is a small amount of petty theft, so just like normal it’s good to be aware of your possessions like your hand bag when going out in public places, but In contrast to other regions of South East Asia, female travellers can confidently travel around this island both during the day and at night.

As this is an all-inclusive Bali retreat, the only things you will need to pay for are personal incidentals, shopping, tips and the 2 meals that are not included in the retreat package (to allow you to explore the fabulous restaurants nearby). If you wish to go shopping during your stay in Bali, there are many ATMs and money changers nearby. Plus, most shops and restaurants have credit card facilities.

We do offer last minute booking specials & other special offers throughout the year. Subscribe to our newsletter below to be in the know about exclusive VIP specials. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for regular updates and special deal offers. For groups of 4+ women, we can offer special rate and inclusions. Just email us to find out more.

A wellness retreat is a completely different experience from a regular holiday. What makes a goddess retreat such a magical experience? The complete immersion into a week long retreat with carefully curated activities as a group and as an individual which means that you can focus and go deeper into enjoying the present moment and be carefree. A wellness retreat is a special time for you, a time to reconnect and recharge. Many of us lead busy lives, that are full to the brim with urgent demands and long to-do lists. Often, we can feel as though we are running on auto-pilot, just surviving rather than living a fulfilling life. Sometimes a regular holiday doesn’t leave us feeling refreshed and rested, especially if we over-indulged as a way to relax, or we had to attend to other’s needs at the expense of our own, or because we’re so wound up or burnt out that we have forgotten how to relax. On a Goddess Retreat, we take care of everything for you. We have spent 20 years perfecting the balance of ingredients that go into making a holiday that awakens the body, mind and spirit.

When we’re at home, we may have the best of intentions to create a work/life balance. We plan to go to yoga every day, but life gets in the way of these plans, and we don’t make it to class. A yoga retreat is a beautiful way to get the benefits of yoga. A yoga retreat can help us to reset to our best self. Many of us have experienced major breakthroughs and greater peacefulness from a yoga class. So often guests say, ‘I was really stressed out before I came on your retreat…I’ve had so much pressure at work or from my family, but now I feel so much more relaxed…’ or ‘I feel like myself again!’ The fantastic part of going on a wellness retreat that includes a restorative practice is that these benefits are exponential. It’s not just that we feel good after one yoga class, there’s a depth of experience, that occurs due to the repeated practice over the days of the retreat. The gentle yogic practices of asana (postures), introduction to pranayama (breathing practices) and light meditations work at a gentle but deep level, that you will feel cleansed and are renewed.

We’ve been running retreats for women for 20 years and the wonderful women that attend always impress us. One of the benefits of a wellness retreats is that it attracts women from all walks of life, creating a community of like-minded women. It’s called Sangha in Sanskrit. Feedback we’ve received from our women only retreats include: “As well as a deeper understanding of so many wellness therapies, I loved the chance to bond with and get to know other women” “We bonded so well as a group.” “An added bonus is sharing the time with beautiful like-minded women from all around the world…”. Having highly qualified and experienced leaders who truly live yogi lifestyles enables this space holding. Your Goddess Retreat leaders and owners are yogi devotees and some are teachers; this experience means that they are able to transmit authentic yoga to you (yoga actually is more about how you live off the mat, than the poses done on the mat). It’s not just about being able to make complex shapes with your body. Being a true yogi means that they too are life-long students just like you, so they are understanding and can relate to what you need and what you want to get from life, lessons that we all learn in self-love, self-reliance and self-responsibility – whatever stage you’re at.

Absolutely not! Our classes are suitable for everyone! Our yoga retreats focus on finding inner balance and connection and are primarily hatha, restorative and yin in nature, so it will suit all levels.

Goddesses come in all body types, ages and backgrounds. Many of our activities, and just getting around in Bali involve stairs, walking on uneven surfaces, swimming, cycling and doing activities in hot humid weather, and tropical sun exposure, so it is recommended that you be fully mobile and free from any significant physical injuries or serious illness when joining a retreat.

Food is always one of the highlights on our retreats…some say we should be called Gourmet Goddess Retreats! We will tailor your menu for the week to suit your health and personal preferences. As part of your all-inclusive retreat package, you’ll enjoy tasty cuisine that is made from local and organic ingredients and is absolutely delicious. Meals are primarily free from dairy and gluten, and do not contain refined sugars or preservatives. We make our food from scratch with passion and care.

While we aren’t an alcohol-free retreat, we do not serve alcohol on the retreat premises, and we encourage our guests to explore the great health benefits of taking a break from alcohol as part of their wellness retreat. We believe all things are great in moderation, and many of our guests enjoy a sunset cocktail on their dinners out during their stay with us in Bali.

We follow strict hygiene measures on our retreat, but if you are traveling in Bali before or after your retreat here are a few suggestions. Make sure all meat and seafood is thoroughly cooked (not raw or rare), so it’s best to avoid the following foods while travelling – Sushi, Street Vendor Food, Salads or Raw food at smaller local cafes (its better to eat local foods like nasi goreng and cooked foods at local cafes ‘warungs’) Water: Don’t drink tap water. Don’t use tap water to brush your teeth. Don’t swallow shower water. Only drink and used bottled water. Hygiene: Wash your hands after using the toilet. Wash you hands before eating and regularly throughout the day.

Yes, we have complimentary WiFi available at both our Bali retreat locations in Ubud and Seminyak.

Our retreat schedule has been carefully curated over 20 years of providing retreats for women. We make all retreat activities optional, so it’s up to you how much or how little you do during the program. You choose the level of activity or rejuvenation to align with your goals and intention for the retreat. After your week-long wellness retreat journey, you’ll feel recharged and ready to face the world again!

Although there are no artifacts or records dating back to the Stone Age, it is believed that the first settlers in Bali migrated from China around 2,500 BC, and by the Bronze era, around 300 BC; quite an evolved culture existed in Bali. The complex system of irrigation and rice production, still in use today, was established around this time. History is vague for the first few centuries. A number of Hindu artifacts were been found dating back to the 1st century (AD), which suggests that the main religion, around 500 AD, was predominantly Buddhist. It wasn’t until the 11th century that Bali received the first strong influx of Hindu and Javanese cultures. With the death of his father around AD 1,011, Airlangga, a Balinese prince, moved to east Java and set about creating unity. Having succeeded, he then appointed his brother, Anak Wungsu, as ruler of Bali. During the ensuing period there was a reciprocation of political and artistic ideas, and the old Javanese language, Kawi, became the language used by the aristocracy. With the spread of Islam throughout Sumatra and Java during the 16th century, the Majapahit Empire began to collapse and a large exodus of the aristocracy, priest, artists, and artisans fled to Bali. For a while Bali flourished and the following centuries were considered the Golden Age of Bali’s cultural history which is still seen today on our many tours. The Balinese are open and very friendly people who welcome tourists to explore and share in celebration of their cultural and spiritual heritage.

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