Fitness & Nutrition Program

A Fitness Goddess Retreat package is perfect if you want to feel comfortable in your body, reconnect to your love of movement, as well as take time to give yourself a healthy holiday. Join us if you’re ready to focus on self-care and get your goddess glow shining bright.

Personalized Fitness Program

We welcome women of all fitness levels and provide a pre-retreat consultation to help create a personalized fitness program to suit your goals and abilities. This will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself in a positive way.

Inspired by our founder’s health journey, we work with trusted professionals to combine the most effective and powerful exercises with a balanced nutritional program designed specifically for women, so that you will be able to see and feel results in one week.

The goal of a Fitness Goddess Retreat is to inspire you by giving you the tools to continue to optimize your health and fitness long after you return home.

Fitness & Pilates

Fitness Goddess Retreats offers 5 Personal Trainer workout Sessions that will be tailored to your fitness retreat goal.

Personal Training Sessions Include:

  • Mat Pilates
  • Core & Booty Building
  • High Intensity Circuit
  • Functional Training
  • Strength & Resistance Training
  • Bodyweight & Weight Training

Lifestyle Coaching

As part of our Fitness Goddess experience you will receive valuable fitness lifestyle coaching after each training session. This includes specific nutrition and workout motivation and advice on how to successfully reach your goals and maintain a healthy fitness focused lifestyle long after your return home.

Ready for a Total Body Reboot?

Our Goddess Glow Cleanse Menu is the great way to really reset your eating habits and boost your physical and mental wellbeing. If you want to use your retreat time to reset your body, then our wellness cleanse option is the plan for you.

This cleanse will eliminate all irritants from your diet, allowing your body to truly rest and get back to balance. Our plant based vegetarian or vegan cleansing option contains fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, spices and herbs for a true body cleanse.

You will feel the benefits as you significantly increase the nutritional density in your diet. All our meals, juices and snacks are high in minerals, vitamins and active enzymes. If you are ready to embrace better food habits, stop feeling tired and sluggish and lift your energy levels, our detox cleanse program is just what you need.

Our cleanse plan also focuses on replenishing good gut bacteria in your gut biome leading to boosted immunity, more energy, better digestion and less bloating.

Private Personal Training

Not joining our Fitness Goddess program, but want to experience 1-on-1 Private Training sessions during your personal time as part of your wellness retreat in Bali?

We are happy to organize private work out sessions for you for an additional fee. This can be done prior to arrival with our guest relations to fit in with your chosen retreat program schedule.

What benefits can you expect?

  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased metabolism
  • Increase in muscle tone
  • Increase in flexibility
  • Increase in range of motion
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Natural weight loss and weight balance
  • Increased co-ordination
  • Strengthened core
  • Decrease in back pain issues
  • Improved posture
  • Improved breath awareness
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Ability to self-generate relaxation and mindfulness
  • Decrease body pain and tension
  • Decrease in feeling ‘Brain Fog’
  • Improved mental awareness and alertness
  • Improvement in memory and cognitive functioning
  • Lower stress levels
  • Better sleep and reduction in insomnia
  • Reduction in feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease in mood swings

Fitness Goddess Packages

Ready to awaken the Fitness Goddess in you? Whether you want to get fit, improve your fitness, feel better in your body or boost low energy levels caused by stress, our Fitness Goddess Retreat will have you bursting with a new lease on life, feeling strong and ready to take on the world!

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Follow your bliss and personalize your Fitness Goddess Retreat with a day full of adventurous outdoor activities such as; countryside cycle tour, white water rafting, kayaking, Mount Batur sunrise trek, tropical reef snorkelling, SUP and surf lessons. Check out our exciting options…

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