How Do I Know if I Need a Healing Retreat?

A retreat can be an emotional journey, but it is also a deeply beautiful and rewarding one. It allows you to fully open up, and connect to your true self, which we recognize as your inner Goddess, in ways you may not have realized were possible.

What is a healing retreat?

There are many types of healing retreats to choose from, so it can be difficult to limit it to one category or definition..

At Goddess Retreats we feel a healing retreat is one that is ‘transformative’. To ‘transform’ literally means to rise above or go beyond the limits normally imposed by the outside world. This means that a different ‘inner essence’ is being held in the same form,….or simply put, that we change on the inside. So changing an orange into a pineapple is not a transformation, but changing an orange into an orange that tastes like a pineapple would be a transformation.

The world outside can remain exactly the way it was before a person experienced their inner transformation. What has changed is the person’s viewpoint, or consciousness, and the way they respond to the world.

Why are healing retreats great for women?

As women, we can be very empathic and intuitive by nature, which means we can experience emotions very deeply. This also means that it will be impossible to avoid all pain, grief, and trauma in our lifetime. When these times arrive, we all have different ways of dealing with and coping. While some women seek professional help or therapies to aid in the healing process, many of us tend to ignore our emotions or focus on something else, assuming or hoping that time will heal all wounds.

Time can help with the healing process. However, grief or trauma that has not been properly healed, on the other hand, has a habit of reappearing in our lives in a variety of ways. It can be through a physical ailment, a sticky limiting belief or fear we can’t seem to shift, or simply a persistent feeling of low energy that creates a sense of heaviness, brain fog, or barrier to you living your life with full vibrancy.

As the years go by, we can build walls around emotions that we believe are ‘protecting’ us. In reality, it is impeding our ability to heal and progress. A healing retreat provides a safe, supportive, and uplifting environment in which to take a look these trapped emotions or past trauma.

At the end of our retreats, the most common sentiment we hear from guests is how much lighter they feel or how they have re-connected to a deep sense of peace and quiet happiness again.

When we experience transformation we can be inspired with new possibilities for ourselves as we let go of old ways of seeing things. We can forgive ourselves and others as we release any past trauma that is holding us back in life.

We may feel inspired to do things we’ve always put off, energized to start a new relationship, career or business; or we may simply start to make small daily life decisions that feel in true alignment with our inner values.

A healing journey is also a very personal, and your retreat experience will be unique to your personal goals. Wellness and healing retreats offer workshops and ceremonies to help you get in touch with what your heart’s goals are, what you want to manifest in your life, what you are ready to let go of, and plus offer a peaceful spaciousness that allows us to get in touch with what we need in our lives to bring about the process of healing. In the respect the best healing retreats are ones that reconnect us back to becoming our own healers in very practical day to day real life ways.

List of healing retreat benefits you may experience:

  • Let go of grief, tiredness, resentment, and emotional pain.
  • Discover more clarity, acceptance, and peace with your past and your present.
  • Feeling ready to  move on to your next life chapter
  • Heal physical ailments that have been bothering you for a long time.
  • Gain more mental space and focus as you let go and make room for new opportunities.
  • Feel more mobile, pain-free, and energized
  • Relax and enjoy deeper sleep by allowing yourself to let go of persistent tension.
  • Gain authentic self-confidence and self-worth naturally without feeling like you have to ‘fake it till you make it.’
  • Feel a deep spiritual connection to yourself, other people and living beings and your surroundings.

Why is Bali a top destination for healing retreats?

While ceremony, ritual, and healing are part of everyday life for the local Balinese people, visitors from all walks of life are drawn to this unique island for its mystical healing powers and abundant healing offerings..

Ley Lines are lines of energy that coil around the Earth and are thought to carry high-vibrational energetic information. The intersections of the Ley Lines are thought to be high energy points with a high concentration of electrical charge.

Some of the world’s most sacred temples and monuments can be found at these intersecting points along the Ley Lines, including the Egyptian Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, and Angkor Wat.

In Bali, two Lay Lines intersect and pass through four sacred sites: Uluwatu Temple, Mount Batur, Mount Agung, and Tirta Empul Water Temple.

These special places in Bali and around the world are thought to magnify the energy or beliefs that are out of alignment with your natural self, allowing you to confront them and become more aligned with your truth. This integration can be difficult and confronting, but it can also be euphoric and enlightening.

This is one of the main reasons why Bali is known as a place of transformation, purification, and elevated frequency.

It has long been known among the locals for eliciting awakening and change. Bali will frequently guide you through a process of letting go of the old and welcoming in the new. It is also a place where emotions and experiences can be amplified. In nature, the journey is cleansing and purifying, guiding you back to the energy of your heart and spirit.

A Bali Healing retreat is the ideal way to gain all of the remarkable benefits that the island, culture, and unique healing modalities have to offer for those looking to harness this special healing energy and dive deeper with a transformational retreat journey.

Who is a Bali Healing Retreat best for?

A Bali Healing Retreat is for anyone who wants to experience the best of Bali’s diverse and powerful natural and spiritual healing therapies.

For an even more profound healing experience, Goddess Retreats combines a traditional healer consultation and session with a carefully curated selection of healing workshops, yoga, activities and therapies that will transform body, mind and spirit.

A Bali Healing Retreat is perfect for women seeking to:

  • Explore the unique energy, spirituality, and culture of beautiful Bali.
  • Discover some traditional and holistic ways of healing and experience their benefits.
  • Experience a variety of healing modalities all in a powerfully transformational week.
  • Reconnect on a deeper level with yourself, your truth, and your intuition.
  • Discover greater peace, tranquillity, joy, and connection in your life
  • Close the door on the past and welcome the new with clarity and confidence.
    Feel supported as you work through emotions in a safe setting.
  • Focus on healing a specific area of your life or an old emotional wound.
  • Transform your life, your mindset, and set goals you may not have thought possible for yourself.
  • Awaken, inspire and celebrate the goddess in you!


With daily yoga and meditation, healing and massage services, it’s own ancient temple. permaculture farm, delicious healing retreat menus, gorgeous accommodations, and a team to support you along the way, our Ubud wellness retreat offer a unique immersion into Bali’s nature and culture as well as focusing on wellness and mind, body and spirit healing.

What makes our wellness retreats healing?

At Goddess Retreats, our wellness retreats go beyond providing a simple physical reset for your body. Over the course of 20 years of offering women’s retreats in Bali, we’ve delved deep into exploring inner transformation of consciousness through meditation and yoga practices, plus we have personally experienced our own healing journeys with some of the island’s best healers, both local Balinese healers and western therapists who have made Bali their home.

After receiving numerous requests for focused Wellness and Healing Retreat packages, we have mindfully crafted retreats packages that we know offers the most benefits while also providing a truly  enjoyable week of nurturing and transformation.

Our wellness retreat packages are perfect if you are looking for balance of healing while still having an enjoyable holiday.

We invite you to join us to enjoy all of the benefits of a luxurious women’s wellness retreat as well as holistic modalities and cultural and spiritual immersions that have been carefully designed to facilitate transformation emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

If you’d like to talk with us to find out which one of our Goddess Retreats would suit your personal goals the best or have any questions at all, please feel free to EMAIL USWe would be honoured to support you on your healing journey.

You can already read the past testimonials from over 600 women that have joined us on a transformational Bali retreat Click Here to see what our guests say about their experiences!.

Awaken, Inspire and Celebrate the Goddess in You!

Goddess Retreats has been creating transformative healing experiences for the body, mind, and spirit for women for 20 years


We look forward to welcoming our award-winning healing retreats for women. Spark your spirit as you fill your emotional well and reconnect with yourself on a deeper level as we exxplore the rich culture and spiritual practices found in Bali.

Immerse yourself in transformative yoga and meditationcreative and cultural immersions and spiritual healing sessions.

We are happy to help customise your retreat program to suit your personal retreat goals.

Check out our spiritual healing retreats in Ubud and our beautiful retreat accommodations with healthy daily meals.

We’d love to hear from you and help you organize a divine retreat in Bali’s paradise.

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