Top 3 Things To Experience on your Bali Retreat

For many decades now, Bali has been well known a mecca for yoga lovers. It has also been know for it’s decadent spa treatments and traditional healers, that were made famous by the Elizabeth Gilbert book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. It only makes sense that Bali is the ideal place to combine all three for a rejuvenating and transformative wellness retreat.

There are numerous activities to enjoy during your wellness retreat in Bali. Whether you are new to yoga and want to learn more about its many benefits to mind, body and spirit, or you are a seasoned yogi who is looking for a deeper connection both on and off the mat, Bali is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the full spectrum of yoga – from the culture is arises from, to spiritual practices, ceremonies as well as traditional Hatha yoga, which can be very different than they way yoga is practiced in the western countries..

Simply put, Bali’s open hearted people, breathtaking landscapes, exotic culture, and spiritual way of life all contribute to the island being a truly special spot to visit and experience a wellness and yoga journey.

Our Ubud yoga retreat packages have always been one of our most popular options at Goddess Retreats, which were the first women only yoga retreat offerings in Bali that started 20 years ago. We have mad a list of our top 5 must do experiences on your Bali yoga and wellness retreat!


Top 3 ‘Must Do’ Things To Experience on your Bali Wellness Retreat


1.Explore the ‘Full Spectrum’ of Traditional Yoga Practices

While this may sound obvious and one of your main reasons for booking a wellness vacation, What is special about your Goddess Retreat yoga experience is the the depth and diversity of yoga available.

Yoga is so much more than doing physical poses (also called asana). Throughout your wellness retreat week you will have the chance to explore-traditional Hatha yoga, restorative Yin yoga, sound healings, different types of meditations, workshops and ways of practicing yoga as a complete yogini lifestyle both on and off the mat.

All of the classes are led by our highly experienced team of yoga instructors. They are on-hand all week long to support you on your yoga journey and answer any questions that may arise for you too. You can find our which yoga practices can best support you, because yoga is not a one-size fits all activity and it can be truly transformative as it brings up areas in ourselves that need healing as well as teaches us how to start to be our own healers through creating an intimate relationship with our body, emotions and spiritual aspirations.

Yoga classes at both our ubud and Seminyak retreats are held in our beautiful open-air yoga shalas that are surrounded by the lush greenery of our tropical gardens..

2. Indulge in Head to Toe Pampering

Your Bali wellness package with Goddess Retreats includes unlimited spa and massage treatments. There is no better approach to boost your body’s ability to achieve wellness through balancing energy (Prana life force) than with a combination of yoga and massage!

There are so many different option to choose from  on our spa menus.  All of them focus on using natural products to restore balance and wellbeing. Relax with our aromatherapy massage using our custom-made essential oils blends. While an invigorating or detoxifying body scrub, will help bring back your skin’s natural glow!  Your face will feel soft and smooth with one of our nurturing facial treatments,  Beautiful manicure and pedicure with a selection of fun colours will let you embrace your goddess’s desire to express your playful or dramatic side while on retreat. Alternatively, choose a specialty wellness  treatments offered in our specialised Wellness Goddess package such as hydrotherapy colonic, magnesium float tank therapy, ice plunge therapy, IV vitamin drip therapy.

Our spa and massage treatments are usually a highlight on retreat, and it is undoubtedly one of the highlights of a Bali wellness retreat as you say goodbye to stress, tension headaches and tight muscles.

Bliss doesn’t begin to describe this feeling


3. Discover the Unique Culture & Spirituality of Bali

Of course, one of the biggest draws of a wellness retreat in Bali is the island and it’s people. The historical culture of the Bali is incredibly rich and exotic. The daily flower offerings, aroma of incense, the mystical temples, the delicious local Balinese food, music, and friendly smiles will create unforgettable memories that you will cherish. It truly is a magical island full of enchantment, and the space where major inner transformation can occur. All of this contributes to the strength and potency of a wellness retreat.

You will have numerous chances to explore and experience Bali and its culture during your Goddess Retreat. Throughout the week, there are optional excursions to the island’s most powerful temples, walk though the forests and explore waterfalls. You can participate in our head chef’s Balinese cooking class with ingredients own in our organic permaculture garden and rice paddies. When you arrive at our Ubud Wellness Retreat, you will also be invited to participate in a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony at on private sacred temple grounds.

You are welcome to wander on your own through our Ubud property where you will follow the path through gorgeous rice fields, interact with local people far from the tourist trails. At particular periods of the month, you may notice spirit offerings on the sidewalks and ceremonies taking place in the streets, plus we will be having special full and new moon ceremonies in our temple. The opportunity to immerse yourself fully in Bali is something that is one of our most recommend experience to have on your wellness retreat.

We love introducing women to Bali and its unique culture and spirituality.  All of these elements are highlights of the Goddess Retreat wellness journey. Since being one of the world’s first and Bali’s original women’s health retreats for 20 years, we have lovingly perfected our combination of all the ingredients needed to make your retreat a truly transformational time

Are you ready to enjoy your own Bali wellness retreat?

Our Bali wellness run every week of the year at our seaside Seminyak Villas and at the heart of the island at our Ubud Wellness Resort. You can find our dates and rates here.

Gift yourself the space and time to nurture to your body, mind and spirit in beautiful Bali. One week is all it takes to awaken, inspire and celebrate the Goddess in You!.

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